Celebrating Candied Holiday Cheer @ Century City Mall

We celebrate special occassions with sweets - cakes, lollies, donuts, candies, desserts and more. Why? Because this elevates mood and gives us that "happy feeling"!  Exactly what Century Mall wants us to feel as we enter this special place.  "Sweet Treats" adorn the place, making it a feast for the eyes of shoppers and guests. … Continue reading Celebrating Candied Holiday Cheer @ Century City Mall


Discover Circus’ secrets @ Science Circus

Ladies and gentlemen, the Science Circus has come to town! MANILA, Philippines - Science Circus: Step Right Up!is the latest traveling exhibition of The Mind Museum, showcasing the amusing, the peculiar, and the extraordinary in our everyday experiences, in the form of interactive exhibits that deceive the senses and boggle the mind. Be ready to … Continue reading Discover Circus’ secrets @ Science Circus