Holiday Cheer @ the Magical Field of Lights

It has been a week of looking up to the night sky with the hope of seeing stars and having the chance to see this show of lights.  Finally, we had the chance to  see the real thing  last week on a chilly Thursday night.

Getting there

The field is located at the back of S&R, across Ayala Mall. Parking is provided for your convenience.

The tunnel and  trees of  lights and colors

Before reaching the field  a tunnel of light will greet you. It is in the midst of the Christmas trees in different colors that add to the christmasy atmosphere. This leads to to the bleacher of Magical Fields of Lights.  Benches and rocking chairs for you to relax and enjoy are also provided in this area. Food stalls are installed around the area if you feel like munchin’ while watchin’ 😀

The Magical Field of Light

This is a different experience! We are all used to light hanging on the trees as we marvel below it, but this one is best enjoyed in the bleacher! What can you expect? A 3600 square meters of light bulbs that dance with the Christmas songs, fogs sprayed for a more distinct display of the lazer beam and the lights that are projected to the sky.

*Please see the real thing,  any photo or video will not be able to  justify this amazing yuletide show 🙂

Schedule your date with this amazing show 🙂


Photo from Nuvali Official FB


  1. Should you be watching with your loved ones that are challenged by long walks, you can drop them off at the stairs located at the back of  a wooden structure inside the parking (from the parking’s main entrance, turn left after the structure, the stairs is already visible at this point).
  2. Warnings are announced prior to the show on the possible effect of the display, flashing and laser lights on people with Epilepsy and children. Please pay attention.
  3. Kindly check Nuvali FB for any change in schedule due to weather condition.
  4. We watched the first show on a Thursday night and arrived 15 mins before the show, the crowd was small but gets bigger as the night falls.
  5.  Portalets are provided.
  6. Hungry but on a budget, you can try the Fiesta Market accross – more like food choices 😉

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