Seol Hwa: Korean Dessert Anyone?

This visually striking poster caught my eyes as we stroll along Solenad 3. On that same day, I said to myself, this will be our dessert!  It is Green Tea, it is a must for a self-confessed matcha lover.SeolHwa7

Bingsu is their specialty but they also serve cakes, coffee and other beverages. The interior is cool and cozy. There are long tables to cater for big families and small tables for small groups or couple. SeolHwaMenu

As we are already full, we opted for a single serving of Green Tea Bingsu. Do not be fooled by the serving size, a single one can actually be enjoyed by two, in our case, four.  Their large size, can serve probably four to six persons.

My order did not dissapoint!  The Green Team Bingsu is topped with red mung beans with chewy rice cake cube and walnut. Sides are lined with cashew nuts. The powdery ice shaving that melts in your mouth adds to the delightful experience. I am not sure about the other bingsu, but this one is creamy and the sweetness is just right for my tastebuds. A good twist from our our traditional halo-halo.

Our family enjoyed the dessert. We’ll be back!


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