Monster Art: Artist unleashed

Do you consider art important in your child’s developement? I do.

I encourage my children to do art for the following reasons:

  • helps develop motor skills specially on toddlers while they use brushes, pens and pencils
  • encourages self-expression
  • boosts creativity
  • improves decision making (colors/designs)
  • teaches patience 🙂

These reasons made me YES to try and visit the newest art place in town- MONSTER ART!

Monster Art is a venue for kids and the kids at heart to visit their artistic side.


The colorful kiosk is so inviting, the sand holder looks like a giant watercolor pallette from a distance. Finished arts are displayed around the play space to give you an idea of what awaits you. Amused parents and kiddos stop to satisfy their curiosity. The place can comfortably accommodate 7-9 kids at the same time but can be a little less for parent assisted toddlers. Artists in their red apron and beret are present to guide the kids. The target market is 4-12 years old but art like music, can be enjoyed by all ages 😉

Ms. Meerly Wang, Monster Art’s founder was so nice and accommodating! You can feel her passion for arts as she tells her childhood stories enjoying arts in Malaysia. When she moved to the Philippines April this year, she saw the opportunity for children to learn art…Monster Art was born.


The experience.

As soon as my kids entered the play area, they were given cute colorful aprons with monster designs and nameplates. They tried their signature crafts: sand art and scratch art. I am sure that my four- year-old son will definitely like the activities but not sure about my twelve-year-old. Surprisingly, he actually did enjoy the activities! The sand used is shimmery and powdery fine, no wonder kids enjoy working with it! Helpful artists will let you pick a sand/scratch art patterns from their wide selection. Working on sand art, they will show you how to properly peel off and suggest how colors should be applied for best results.  Kudos to the Artists present during that day,  Ate Jeicel and Ate Yang, they made the experience delightful and memorable.

MonsterArtReiniel  image

The scratch art requires more patient and controlled hands but nevertheless enjoyable. The kit comes with a black covered paper, a pattern and a stick. Scratching the color will reveal the multi-colored base of the paper that is interesting to see. After you are done with the pattern, you can add more to personalize your artwork. Kuya’s only complaint is the back pain, the table is too low for him, he is twelve but stands 5’5″ 😀


After an hour, the place was already brimming with busy kids and kids at heart. *Mommy Bloggers included 😀


As I look around, Hello Kitty is still little girls’ favorite and Spongebob for the little boys. The smiles made me realize that this can be a good activity and also a  give-away for a children’s party. They have packages and can even accommodate special designs just for you!

Was it worth our time? My little boy blurted out ‘I am so happy’ after completing his artworks — this answers the question!

What we took home is worthwhile experience and the personalized tokens we received were reflection of the owner’s love and passion for  the arts!

Thank you Ms. Meerly and Mommy Bloggers Philippines!

If you are in SM City Dasmarinas and want more than entertainment for your kids, time for shopping, bonding with the kids —  visit Monster Art and unleash the artist within!

For more updates and information:

Monster Art @ Lower Ground Floor, SM City Dasmarinas (Near Surplus/Fix Bench Salon) | 0917 7298315 |

Follow in Facebook: Monster Art

23 thoughts on “Monster Art: Artist unleashed

  1. mhaan.a-ds says:

    This brings fun for kids who loves art! Sayang the location is way too far from our residence. Hope they come up a branch in the metro.


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